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20 Lessons • Networking, Social Media, Marketing

Discover Our Brand New Over-the-Shoulder Video Series For Beginners On How to Intelligently Research and Sharpen Your Marketing Strategy With Buzzsumo

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to intelligently research using Buzzsumo’s content insights to generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor your performance and even identify influencers to build and scale your business!
  • Introduction to Buzzsumo including account plans and pricing including how to get a FREE Trial Account.
  • How to navigate Account Settings and how to invite your Team to the Buzzsumo platform.
  • Discover Buzzsumo’s Tab and Trending, Tab and Topics, Tab and Web Content, Tab and Questions.
  • Discover Buzzsumo’s Content Tab and Web Content, Content Tab and Facebook, Content Tab and Backlinks.
  • How to share into your Hootsuite account, Buffer account, and/or your Pocket account.
  • How to use Buzzsumo’s Influencers Tab and Twitter, Influencers Tab and Authors, Influencers Tab and Facebook plus so much more!