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9 Lessons • Sales, Marketing, Advertising

In this 9-Part step-by-step Video Course we’ll show you our blueprint for how to sell online using funnels. We’ll show you how our 80/20 targeting strategy allows you to focus on the action takers and serious buyers of your products or services so you can scale your business.

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to sell more of your products or services online using funnels, even if you have no prior experience.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to connect with serious buyers of your products or services without wasting any time (or money) on the “tire kickers!”
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to implement long-term, high-conversion sales funnel strategies to build your business for years to come.
  • Introduction to Selling Online Using Funnels: We’ll walk you through how it all works and what specific tools you will need to get started.
  • Why you should never follow the crowd and build a typical sales funnel that everybody else is doing and why you should avoid doing it that way so you can stand out from the competition.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes people make when building funnels.
  • What strategies you should be focusing on to segment and target premium buyers of your products or services.
  • Learn how to apply our higher-converting one-time-offer strategy (OTO) in your funnel.
  • Learn what technology to use so that you can begin to apply the knowledge that we have given you in videos 1 through 5.
  • How to set up your one-time offer (OTO) using the tools that we share with you, and you’ll also get to see a live step-by-step training on how to create a powerful OTO.
  • WordPress integration (free plug-in) even if you’re starting from scratch, because as long as you can follow the video step-by-step and click by click, you will be able to implement this in no time.
  • Our profit checkout order bumps training will show you how to add more sales to your checkout page using the same tools that we used to set up your OTO.